Aranui Solutions

Kubernetes MLOps


About Us

Aranui Solutions specializes in Machine Learning on Kubernetes.

We were founded in 2021 by Mathew Wicks, based in San Francisco, CA.
Our name translates to great path from the New Zealand Māori people.


Professional Services

Our core offering is professional services related to machine-learning platforms and strategies. We typically focus on open-source solutions that can run on Kubernetes.

Past Work

Machine learning platforms.
Upskilling DevOps teams in MLOps.
Integrating model registries and feature stores.
Optimizing model serving.

Enterprise Support

We offer enterprise support for popular open-source projects we maintain like deployKF, Apache Airflow, and Kubeflow.


We created deployKF so that any Kubernetes user can build a machine learning platform for their organization, without needing specialized MLOps knowledge, or a team of experts to maintain it.

Apache Airflow

Our Apache Airflow Helm Chart is trusted by organizations around the world to run Airflow on Kubernetes. It has been downloaded over 6 million times


Kubeflow is an MLOps on Kubernetes ecosystem. We have been involved since 2020, supporting its growth and delivering many critical features to users.

Contact Us

Please reach out and learn how to work with us!

(Currently, we are focused on US-based clients)